Online Data Backup Solutions

A backup or the process of backing up refers to making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Backups are useful primarily for two purposes. The first is to restore a state following a disaster (called disaster recovery). The second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Data loss is also very common. 67% of internet users have suffered serious data loss.

Backing up via the internet to a remote location can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fires, floods, or earthquakes which would destroy any backups in the immediate vicinity along with everything else.


Access your files from anywhere, anytime with Linkway Hosting

Backup Plans Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Disk Storage 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB
Data Transfer Up/Down 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Free Setup
cPanel Control Panel
Web Stats (Webalizer, AwStats)
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Backup
TOTAL Price in INR

Rs.625 / month


Rs.7500 / year

Rs.1600 / month


Rs.18000 / year

Rs.3000 / month


Rs.35000 / year

TOTAL Price in $USD

$13 / month


$150 / year

$32 / month


$380 / year

$60 / month


$700 / year


Do you know ?

Internet backup and uploading , downloading files are simpler and more reliable. It has a drag-and-drop function that’s totally convenient and user-friendly.

The modern computer is ever more vulnerable to the imminent threats multiplying on the Internet - everything from adware, to spyware, to viruses. In fact, in 2003 alone, the number of computer viruses increased by 11%